At Fit Trendz our purpose is to source, find & provide the best & highest quality Sports, Health & Wellness products and services in the World.


There are simple and easy tests we use to validate what brands & products we choose to align and work with.
Do we use them or want to use them ourselves and do the people behind them align with our own purpose and values?

This is a mission that will continue and be never ending.

We’re here to continually improve ourselves, the people within Fit Trendz and the people we partner with, be it Brands or Customers.

We’re here to simply do the right thing.

The way it should be... right?

At Fit Trendz our enemies are the shady, old school, brands and products that try to pull the wool over the eyes of the everyday consumer.

Just because something has been around a long time, or they have large marketing budgets or can get away with blatantly covering up the truth doesn’t make them good.

Our enemy is poor customer service.

We LOVE our customers!



We want to communicate and educate people on the better options available for them.

We live in the year 2020, a lot has changed in the last few months let alone decade.

We understand trust is built slowly over time which is great as we’re here for a long time, not a short time.

We know we will eventually mess up, we will own it, we'll accept responsibility and not hide form it, we make it right every time and continue our mission.

We’re here to fight the fight for 'better for you' products & and services to become the norm, easily accessible for all.

We’re here For all of those that want to become better versions of themselves.

We hate the cheap and nasty.

We understand the compounding effect of small continuous good choices over a lifetime.

Our job is to make this easier for people and businesses.

We search endlessly around the world for 'Better You Brands & Prodcuts'. 

Our company is built on loyalty & trust forged from providing the best quality products & services to our customers.

We hate companies that try to get away with hiding or lying to consumers about the impact of their products.

We hate big marketing budgets covering up mediocre products or services that are not based on substance or ethics.

We’re here to fight the fight and give people and businesses the best quality brands, products & services from around the world.

We play within the Sports, Health & Wellness space and focus on creating strong win-wins with our clients & customers.

We’re here to make an impact for the better.

More importantly we want to have fun along the way, enjoy the ride and understand that there is a dichotomy, a fine line as you will, between ‘better for you’ and the extremes in either direction.

In the end we will win.

Because Winners FKN Win!

Headquartered in Australia with a Global vision.

We are Fit a Trendz, the ‘Better You’ Company!