November 11, 2020 4 min read

 "You can't pour from an empty cup" 

Now more than ever it is so important to invest in your own self-care. Something I have pushed for more this year, as I have learnt that neglecting my own self-care has such a huge knock on effect in all other aspects of my life. The fuller my cup is the better mum I am, the better wife I am, the better friend I am but most importantly the better ME I am.

It's time to prioritise self-care and start seeing it as a necessity rather than as an indulgence. Learning that self-care is about self-preservation, not selfishness.

Here are my Top 10 things I do to fill up my own cup.

#1 Exercise – This is a massive one for me, if I don’t plan my week out well enough and don’t work out as much as I want to for the week the difference is massive. Even if it's just a walk or a quick 20 minutes workout, I feel so much better for it. 

#2 Write in my journal – Writing in my 3 minute morning and evening journal is a must, it puts the day into perspective for me. It allows me to think clearer and reflect on the good things from my day, which keeps me in a positive mind frame even on those days where it hasn’t been so good. (this is the one I have)

# 3 Staying connected with family – This is a must for me and is a hard one as the majority of my family live on the other side of the world to me. I am at my best when I feel connected and feel apart of my families lives and them ours. Especially with the uncertainty of when some of us may be able to see our family again, this is so important for me. We live in a time where modern technology is amazing, at the touch of a button we can see our loved one's face's in the present moment, we can see what they are doing and feel apart of their day. This is not just important for me but important for my children as well. We probably facetime my family back home up to four times a week, it may only be a quick 2-minute call one day or an hour the next. This is one that fills my cup up entirely and the most important to me.

#4 Leaving the house without my children – As a busy mum of three, I rarely leave the house without one child (mainly without my needy and very clingy 3 year old). So, something as simple as going to the grocery shop by myself is a luxury and one I take advantage of. It’s amazing how stress-free a shop can be without kids.

#5 Planning adventures with my family – Something we have started to try and do more is plan adventures together as a family. Even if it’s a trip to a new beach, a camping weekend away, or something as simple as a day out at the park. Letting the kids be apart of the process and seeing their excitement as well makes it even better.                        

#6 Going to the beach - I am lucky enough to live right next to the beach, something I have taken for granted for so many years. I now love just going down to the beach and giving myself half an hour to just sit and be in the moment with no distractions just my own thoughts. It’s amazing how clear my thoughts become and how much I can sort through in my head in that time and space.


#7 Catching up with close friends – This is a no brainer, catching up for coffee, lunch, or drinks with good friends is amazing for your soul. I couldn’t get by without my network around me, I have a great group of close friends and there is nothing better than catching up (this often happens with the kids, but finding that extra time to catch up without the kids is even better).

#8 Try something new – Getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things has been a big one. That feeling of being nervous but overcoming it and enjoying what you have done. I have recently started to learn how to dance (currently learning Rock and Roll) my first lesson was so scary and I only knew 1 person in a room of 40 odd. It was something I never thought I would be doing at 31, but it is so much fun and has really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Not only that but it's two hours a week out of the house by myself so a win-win.

#9 Shopping – Shopping for myself, it had become a rarity and I would never indulge as it strangely came with guilt, whether it was from being a stay at home mum, or just in general knowing the kids always needed something or we needed to get something for the house etc. Retail therapy is definitely a real thing and something I have done more of this year for myself. Being able to treat myself and splurge a little without the feeling of guilt that comes with it.

#10 Spend more time outside – It's amazing how just having my coffee outside in the morning sets me up for a good day. I would tell you it's peaceful and so tranquil, but it's not as the reality is the kids have probably followed me outside. I probably love those days more though as #1 it makes me appreciate the days out there by myself more, but #2 I love nothing more than seeing their smiley faces in the morning after a good night's sleep and the chance to chat about what the day may bring.



These are just my Top 10 things that I do to fill my cup up, there are so many more things out there you can be doing to fill yours though. Just make sure you make yourself a priority every now and again and have fun finding what things fill your cup up. 😊


Author - Rosie Patton

Fit Trendz - Customer Experience Team


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