December 21, 2020 2 min read

Here is the awesome Elin Grandstand with her supplement recommendations over the Christmas period.
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Coming into the Christmas period, I know it can be hard to meet all your nutritional needs just from eating alone.
It's difficult to get all your vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg when you might only have one or two meals at home and I know I always struggle to reach my protein target when I'm out and about.
Being the warmer season, we also sweat a bit extra and it's important to replace those electrolytes (it also doesn't help that this is also the season where we have a few extra cheeky wines haha...).
Below are my favourite supplements that will help me stay on track during the next few months and make sure I still get the nutrients I need :)
VITALITY SWITCH - Probably my all time FAVOURITE supplement. With 8 servings of fruit & veg in one single scoop, this power powder will help you get those vitamins and minerals you might be lacking. My favourite flavour is the lemon/ginger.
PROTEIN SWITCH - Protein powder is a super diverse supplement that you can use in things like oats, yoghurt, smoothies, baking etc to help increase your protein intake for the day. My favourite is the peanut toffee flavour, it is INCREDIBLE and goes so well in oats.
AMINO SWITCH - This has been my saviour when I've been feeling dehydrated (both from drinking and from sweating). It not only contains all the 9 essential amino acids (unlike BCAA's that only contain 3), but also electrolytes which needs to be replaced after sweating a lot. My favourite flavour is the green apple!
POWER SWITCH - With the weather warming up I can feel my energy dipping and I struggle to get to the gym in the afternoon. Having a scoop of this definitely helps me get to the gym and still smash out my sessions even if I'm a bit tired! I love the grape flavour.
FITAID - Your typical CrossFit recovery drink ;) These not only taste delicious but also contain essential vitamins and minerals. I've been loving the GO STICKS that you can just bring to the beach and mix in your cold water, perfect!
I've linked to all the products and you can use LOTUSHEALTHCO10 for a 10% discount and save yourself some money (applies to all the products on the FitTrendz website).
Just remember that supplements should SUPPLEMENT your life, not replace meals, BUT there is nothing wrong with getting a little help on the way during these busy times :)
Happy shopping!
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