May 18, 2020 2 min read


Like a comet flung from the depths of space, Blue Dinosaur is crashing into the world of protein bars with a force that will change the world for ever. With 25g of protein in a 60g bar, only six beautifully natural, real food ingredients and a taste as good as anything we’ve ever made. Evolution comes when we least expect it but apparently when we most need it. Welcome to the cleanest protein bars in the world!


Peanut Butter

With dark roasted peanut butter and maple syrup, it taste like something mum would shake her head at but 25g of protein and only 6 natural ingredients makes this protein bar as good for your body as it is for your emotional wellbeing. Ingredients - Peanuts, Free Range Organic Egg Whites, Beef Collagen, MCT Oil, Date, & Maple Syrup. 



It has a creamy, familiar, moreish flavour that’ll have you cupping it with both hands but won’t leave you with a frothy moustache! It will, however, provide a huge kick of protein to strengthen your coffee experience, your daily resolve and your bangin’ biceps! Ingredients - Free Range Organic Egg Whites, Beef Collagen, MCT Oil, Date, & Maple Syrup, Fair Trade Espresso Beans.



Does it taste more like chocolate fudge or more like chocolate brownie? Who cares! It tastes absolutely fantastic! Decadent, chocolatey, jam packed full of natural protein and really good for you? It’s kind of the best thing ever invented, ever. Ingredients - Free Range Organic Egg Whites, Beef Collagen, MCT Oil, Date, & Maple Syrup, Raw Organic Cacao.

Salted Caramel

Nan’s caramel was brown sugar, butter, and salt, burnt to sticky perfection. Our caramel is whole dates, pure maple syrup, cashew butter and Himalayan rock salt baked to sticky perfection then stirred together with free range egg whites and collagen. Can’t say my Nan’s ever asked me to make her a protein bar but, if she did, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

Cookie Dough

I used to beg Mum to just whack the mixing bowl on the bench, give us all a spoon and call it a day. But no. Societal norms convinced mum to take this fluffy nectar, spoon it into little balls and bake them into hard, former shadows of their previous joy. Enter our rebuttal. Tastes like cookie dough, eats like cookie dough, oh and somehow, is only made with 7 real food ingredients. Take that, Mum.

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