August 26, 2020 2 min read

We are now in the second wave of lockdowns here in Australia (our hearts ♥️ go out to all the Victorians who are bound to their homes yet again 😔) please ensure you are taking care of YOU & looking out for yourself, physically and mentally.
​Whilst being stuck in lockdown can surely drain your energy, here is a list of simple things you can do, thanks to @blackdoginst to keep your mental health in check...
​Set an alarm on your phone, or a reminder in your calendar, so at a set time each week you can quickly do a check-in on a scale from 0 (‘not at all’) to 10 (‘extremely’) of how stressed, anxious or down you are feeling.
​Take a moment to notice any tension in your body like tight shoulders, chest, or jaw. Other signs that you might be feeling stressed include dryness of the mouth, difficulty breathing, and a racing heart.
​Have there been changes in your sleep pattern? If you are constantly struggling to get to sleep, waking in the night or waking earlier than usual, and finding it difficult to get back to sleep, these are signs your mind is unable to switch off and relax ~ ✔️ insert a serve of ADRENAL Switch 30-60 minutes before bed to wind down, relax your muscles & get your body ready for sleep 😴
​Are you always worrying about the worst-case scenarios? Wondering if things will ever get better or if you will be able to cope? Focusing on the ‘what if’ scenarios is not useful and it is best to try to limit this as much as possible.
​Every day brings challenges but it’s how we deal with them which shows how we’re coping. If you find yourself frequently snapping at those you love, finding it extremely difficult to focus, or always depending on things like alcohol or food to cope, it is time to prioritise your mental wellbeing.
​Choose a check-in buddy. This may be your partner, housemate, or even a friend or colleague you’re keeping in touch with via video messaging. Be honest about how you are coping.
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