We started the LIFEAID LIFT program to help support local gyms & businesses which are such a valuable part of our community.

BOX OWNERS: Visit your LIFEAID reseller login page (link below), then simply click on the LIFEAID LIFT image on your dashboard to sign up & get your unique link.

When you sign up for the LIFEAID LIFT program, you'll receive $15 cash for every 24-can purchase made by your loyal members or customers (using YOUR unique link)! We ship their orders directly to them and send you the cash*. It's a win-win. Simply have them use your unique link. (*Accounts will be paid out after the end of each month via PayPal. Program valid only for the temporary duration of your gym or business' mandatory closure.)

GYM MEMBERS: Ask your box owner for their unique link so you can start shopping now and give back to those who have given us so much. Then SHARE the link, SHARE the love!

This is a great way for those working and/or working out at home to be able to stock up any of our immunity and recovery boosting LIFEAID blends—chock full of vitamins—while supporting the gyms and businesses we call 'home,' so we can return to them once the dust settles.

We're so grateful for our community. Let's stay strong together!

Your LIFEAID family is humbled and grateful to be able to give back and financially lift up those in need during this difficult time. Please contact our team if you have any questions about the LIFEAID LIFT or how to get started: 1300 137 354



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