LIFEAID randomly surveyed 135 gym owners in July of  2020, in order to find out how they are handling re-opening, keeping members safe, plans for reinvigorating memberships, stocking their fridges with FITAID, and more...


Q: How long has your gym been in business?

Q: Has your gym re-opened (as of July 2020)?

Q: What percentage of your members has returned to your gym for regular workouts?

Q: How long do you think it may take for your gym to return to pre-COVID attendance numbers?


Q: Do you plan to continue offering Zoom/virtual class options to your members?


Q: Which LIFEAID products do you currently offer members at your gym?

Q: What do you consider when selecting products to sell at your gym?


Q: What other food/beverages do you sell at your gym?

Q: Which of these tools would be most helpful to promote LIFEAID products with members at your gym?