If you perform physically demanding activities, you know that recovery plays an essential role. Your body needs some essential nutrients to balance the recovery efforts. This means that although every person is different, there are some nutrients which are essential for the recovery process.

Top ingredients in the recovery drink

The Fitaid Recovery Blend uses a mix of ingredients which have been proven to be beneficial after intense workouts. The most important ingredient in the recovery drink is glucosamine. This amino sugar has an important role in the body as it can represent the route to proper synthesis on proteins. But the ingredient has also been shown to reduce the impact of aging on joints and can work to reduce inflammation with demanding activities. There is still limited research on glucosamine but it seems it has a positive effect as a supplement.

The second ingredient in the recovery drink comes with glutamine. This essential amino acid is the building block of muscle and has been used in athlete`s supplements with great success over the years. In supplements, it has the role of maintaining muscle mass and improving muscle building efforts. Supplementing with glutamine outside workouts might not provide any real results, but if you are into sports or have demanding physical activities you will benefit the most from the nutrient.


Another important ingredient in the recovery drink comes with electrolytes. If you are looking to balance the natural minerals in your body which you may lose through sweat, electrolytes offer a good supplementation method to improve hydration. Together with improved hydration, electrolytes can also be beneficial to the circulatory system which will be essential for certain types of workouts such as running or cycling. This is why so many cardio-based activities see the athletes drinking hydration drinks with high electrolyte content.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also present in the drink. These fatty acids have been proven to come with a range of health benefits which can`t be gathered from other sources. The acids improve brain function and maintain its ability to work properly.

But the fatty acids also provide the right foundation for cardiovascular health. Many people with circulatory problems are indicated to use Omega 3 supplements. But as with any supplement, you should use it before you develop any conditions to see the results you want. Finally, the fatty acids help you recover quicker as it will relieve some muscle stiffness. Omega 3 also comes with a range of joint and skin benefits. People who supplement with this Omega acid have been shown to have a healthier skin.


How Fitaid works

As you can see, many of the top ingredients in the Fitaid recovery drink have proven health benefits. They are made for the ultimate performance and body recovery and this is why they represent a solid foundation for muscle recovery.

With a blend of amino acids, electrolytes and Omega 3 fatty acids, the drink can represent a solid supplement if you are serious about recovery. Since it is made for the people who want to minimize recovery time, it can be said that it is made for those who exercise daily and need to recover as soon as possible before the next workout.

Since you will be using the drink daily you should also know that electrolyte drinks will usually require an increased water intake. So for the best results, you will need to drink more water to improve the functions of the body. Although electrolytes help replenish nutrients and improve recovery, they have also been shown to increase the need for hydration. So the more you drink the more you`ll need to drink.

The high glutamine content is essential if you want to build and keep muscle mass. Since you might be working out with intensity you know that muscle loss can come along the way with certain cardio routines such as running. This is where glutamine can have a positive role in maintaining muscle mass and thus strength since more mass will lead to strength increase.

The healthy fatty acids of Omega 3 will help you improve focus and maintain healthy joints and skin. This is why many fish oil supplements are recommended for certain conditions but even to slow down the effects of aging.

So who can benefit the most from using the Fitaid Recovery Blend? First of all, there is little evidence to support that these types of drinks can be of real help to people without intense physical activity. These types of drinks are best suited for active people looking to gain muscle mass or lose weight. Of course, some ingredients such as the Omega 3 fatty acids can prove beneficial to the general public, but overall, the drink is made for dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

With just a few ingredients, you might think the drink is not complex enough to maximize recovery. But the truth is that it is more than enough, as all of these ingredients have been proven to provide real results. Unlike other recovery drinks which come with fewer data-backed findings, the Fitaid drink only focuses on proven ingredients in many types of sports. Bodybuilding is one of the sports which use similar supplements. Runners also use electrolytes while Omega 3 fatty acids are used across the whole sporting world either from supplements or foods such as fish.

The Fitaid Recovery Blend is one of the safest recovery drink you can have. But you should keep in mind that, at the end of the day, it is just a supplement drink which cannot replace a varied nutrition. You replace a bad diet with any type of drink. This is why you would be best suited to use the drink as an addition to a solid meal plan. This would include good sources of meats, vegetables and carbohydrates. These are the proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber you need. And then when you use the recovery drink, you can maximize its effect on faster and better recovery rates.

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