December 07, 2020 3 min read

5 Questions with FITAID athlete Royce Dunne

What did you think of the games this year?
"My thoughts on the 2020 games , like most people I am glad they had something on. For all those athletes it's their income, their career, so it's great to be able to support them and have something to play for and prize money and all that. My overall opinion was it was well programmed, really fun, a good test. I think like everyone else I would of liked to have seen a bigger field of course. Would it of changed the results with Matt and Tia, I don’t think so, but it would of probably been less event wins and more close finishes, but I think everyone feels that way and Covid is what it is and they did the best they could."
What was you're favourite workout from the games and why?
"My favourite workout from the 2020 games was without a doubt the SWIM N STUFF. To my knowledge there has never been a swim workout quite like that with a full sprint. 2013 they had some laps in the pool but it was a longer workout. For a non swimmer that was awesome to see people sprinting swimming as an interval. What's cool about it is that whilst its pretty simple, swimming, assault bike, GHD’S nothing crazy flash over the top. It's still a classic games workout where it's almost impossible to replicate outside of the games. There would be very few people that will have access to a pool that will allow you to bring all the equipment into that area and start working out, it's very quintessentially a games workout and just a brutal test."
What is a standout moment of 2020 and the crazy year it's been?
"I stand out for 2020 for me was way back in Feb where myself and team Mayhem Independence got to compete in Wodapalooza in Florida. We won a qualifying spot out of that sanctional to go to the 2020 Crossfit Games and that was awesome. It was right before Covid hit when we could all travel and compete and I am just super grateful that we got to do that before everything shut down."
What are you're goals for 2021?
"My goals for 2021 are a little bit blurry and it depends on what crossfit is going to announce as far as how the competitive season will work. If they bring back a regional style format, with the potential for 3 spots out of a big event in Australia. Then I am pretty confident and have my heart set on going Individual and giving that a real shot. Especially if this talk of the superteam league, that Eric Roza wants to run with the affiliate cup, if that happens outside of the games season, the games season being the affiliate cup and the superteams season running after then you could go individual and team which would be pretty cool."
What is you’re favorite LIFEAID beverage and why?
"My all time favourite LIFEAID Beverage is the GOLFERAID, I just love the taste and it has zero caffeine so good to have anytime. My second favourite is the LIFEAID itself, it's got that little kick to it, it's just delicious and really hits the spot post workout when your hot and sweaty."
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